How to remove music from song? amazing 3 minutes secret tips 2023

DO you want to remove music from song? Or do you want to remove song from music?  Then this post is waiting for you. Because today’s post I am going to share with you amazing 3 minutes secret tips to remove music from any type of song.

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It’s is time of AI, Here you don’t need any knowledge of coding or computer. just need a smart phone and Internet connection to remove music from songs. Let’s do begin-

How to remove music from song?

To remove music from song first open any browser and type on the search bar and search. Then you will reached on the new web interface. Now scroll your page and click on Browse my files button and choice your song file from your media library.

remove music from song

Now wait few second to loading your full file on vocalremover server. After full processing you will get your song removed form music. Now you can pulling and shorten vocal button to increase your music level with song.

remove song from music

How to download your music and song

After getting a good result now click on save button from below. Then you will get 3 options to choice one.

1. Music
2. Vocal
3. Music + Vocal

Now choice any one option to start downloading your music, song or both.


• Music : If you choice music option then only music will be download on your device

• Vocal : If you choice Vocal option then only song will be download on your device without music.

• Music + Vocal : If you choice music + vocal option then music and song both will be download on your device.

This is the step to remove a music from your song. Hope this post will help you to remove music from song. To read the more Interesting topics follow our website.

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