How to increase your AdSense CPC 10x (Here is 7 Proven tips)

Increase your AdSense CPC to make money from your website up to 5 thousand dollars per month. As a content creators or website owner we choose the AdSense ads network for better earnings. But after longtime struggles and approving AdSense we can’t satisfy our expectations due to the less CPC of AdSense. So here is the 7 proven  tips to increase your AdSense CPC 10x. 

How to increase AdSense CPC 

If you are writing Bangla, Hindi, Arabic or any other language content then getting less CPC is normal. Because AdSense always gives CPC depending on the content language. But if your content is written in International English language and still getting less CPC then it’s a matter of concern. But in today ‘s post I will give you the best suggestion to increase your AdSense CPC. 

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Increase your AdSense CPC by Profitable website Niche

First of all you have to choose a high CPC Niche for your website. Niches related to digital marketing, insurance, finance and health etc are high paying Niches. So before thinking AdSense earning choose a high CPC Niche for your website.

Write valuable content for high CPC 

Writing valuable content can increase your AdSense revenue. To increase your CPC choose high CPC keywords. Here is the list of high CPC keywords and their earning CPC rate for publishers.




Health and fitness






Digital marketing


Real estate




Online learning


Personal finance


Online banking


Make money online


Source of table: Publift

Make English category

If your content is Bangla, Hindi or other language then make all your categories in English. Because English name categories help Increase your AdSense CPC. Using English categories helped AdSense to show US or UK ads on your website that help indirectly to Increase your AdSense CPC.

Increase your website traffic

Increase your website traffic

Generally, AdSense pays for traffic clicks. The more you gain the traffic the more you earn. So Increase your traffic volume and Increase your CPC. Backlink can help you to generate good traffic.


Write content for targeted country 

AdSense gives CPC depending on the country location. If most of the visitors come from US, UK, Canada, Australia or Europe countries then your CPC will be high. But if your targeted country is Bangladesh, India, Pakistan or middle East countries then your CPC will be very low. So always try to target European countries to increase your AdSense CPC. 

Write Long content 

Writing a long content can help increase your AdSense revenue. Try to write your every content minimum 1 thousand to 2 thousand words to increase your AdSense CPC. Because long content can easily rank on Google first page. And also in the long content AdSense can show more ads that pay you more and increase AdSense CPC. But before writing a long content focus on your topic. Because sometimes some topics need 500 words and some  topics need 2,000 words. 

How to increase your AdSense CPC 10x (Here is 7 Proven tips)

Share your content in European group 

If you want to increase your AdSense CPC then share your every new content in European groups that’s related to your topic. Suppose, your content topic is “Online earning” then go to any social media and join some European earning groups and share your content there. This method is very amazing and really helpful to increase your website traffic and AdSense revenue. 

Generate high authority backlink 

Generating high authority banking is a great idea to increase your website traffic and your revenue. Backlink is a system that helps to connect two websites together. So if you can take some backlink with some high authority websites then it will help your website and content to rank on Google first page. That will automatically provide you with good results on your website and earning. Guest  post backlink is the best backlink (recommended)

How to increase your AdSense CPC 10x (Here is 7 Proven tips)

Proper placement of ads 

Customize or proper placement of your ads. try to create compelling ads that attract visitors to click on ads. Enable Auto ads so that AdSense can display ads on  the right place of your site. Create ads units depending on your content and visitor interest. Use ads two or three times in long content and one ads for short content. Keep two or three ads on the homepage. 


I hope this content will help you to increase your AdSense CPC. To get this type of informative content follow us. Stay happy and be careful.😘

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