9 proven ways on How to fix post indexing issue in Google 2023

Post indexing issues: After writing a content, when we go to Google search console to do a manually indexing request of our content, we get this type of error “URL is not on Google” That means your content is not available on Google there is an issue. So today’s post I will explain how you can avoid the post indexing issue of your website. Let’s get started.

How to fix Post indexing issue in search console 

There are many reasons for the post indexing issue. If you want to fix it First, you have to find the exact reason for the post indexing problem. To find it go to the search console and inspect your post url. After inspect then click on “Live url test” and wait a few seconds to check it. After checking if you get the same problem then scroll down the page and see the exact reason for the post indexing issue.

Post indexing issue

01. Post indexing issue for low value content

The main reason for post indexing issues is “Low value content”. If your content doesn’t provide value to its reader called low value content. Also if Google already has enough data about your content topic then, Google will show low value content error and won’t index your post. So try to write valuable content for your readers.


02. Fix post indexing issue by Google news approval 

If you can get “Google news” approval on your website then you can avoid post indexing issues. Because, Google news helps to automatically index your post on Google. It also helps to increase website traffic. So if you face the post indexing problem then first try to approve your site by Google news.


0.3 Uncategorised content indexing error

Google doesn’t index uncategorised posts or content. So if you face the post indexing issue then check your post category if it has been used or not.


04. Generate Google sitemap and post much 

If you are a new blogger then it is normal to face post indexing issues in your website. So first generate “Google sitemap (https:// example.com/ sitemap.xml) in the search console to avoid the post indexing issue. After submitting the sitemap still facing the indexing issue, then continuously everyday post on your blog at the same time. After publishing 10 to 20 posts then you can solve the post indexing issue of your website.


05. Create internal linking with old posts of your website

If Google search engines can’t crawl your new post, then it is not possible to index your post on Google. So create internal linking with your old posts. That really helps search engines to index your post on Google.


How to make a internal link 

It is easy to generate an internal link with your olde post. just tap on related keywords of your old content and attach the link of that content. For example: I have written a post before about the “AdSense CPC increasing method 2023“. Now I want to add that post link in this new post. I can add an internal link two ways. One is read more: and another is direct linking.

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How to fix Post indexing issue

06. Use external link on your post

This method is a very effective method to index your post on Google. How does it work? External link means, linking your post keyword with related content on other websites on Google. When you will use an external link on your post it also helps to increase post indexing possibility on Google.

For example, I have written a post about online earning. Where I have discussed Fiverr. Now I will directly connect the Fiverr official website link on Fiverr keywords. Now If any readers of my post click on Fiverr keywords they will directly redirect to the Fiverr website. It’s called external linking.

Post indexing problem

07. Rank math post indexing disable 

If you are WordPress user and using “Rank math SEO plugin” in your website then, don’t forget to enable rank math “Instant index” option and “Uncheck no indexing tag” to index your post on Google. If you forgot to enable it then, you will face the indexing issues in your website.


08. Poor site structure

If your site structure is not perfect or not user friendly then you will face the post indexing issues. Also never get AdSense approval in your website. So change your site design and structure to index your post on Google.


09. Mobile Usability Issues

If your post is not mobile friendly then obviously you will get an indexing error in your console that’s called “Mobile Usability” issues. As a result your post won’t be indexed on Google. You can check your post is Mobile Usability or not from this link.

How to fix Mobile Usability Issues

Before fixing mobile Usability error you have to find out the exact reason for this error. Because, Mobile Usability problem means your post is affected by 3 or 4 errors which is why you are seeing this error

  1. Text to small to read
  2. Content wider than screen
  3. Clickable elements to close together

Mobile Usability indexing problem

These are the main reasons for Mobile Usability problem errors of your content. I hope this post helps you to fix post indexing problem of your website. To get thia type of content follow us here.

Thank you!

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